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Why RaQ?

Low-cost, high density internet servers designed expressly for ISPs
Cobalt RaQ server appliances, from Cobalt Networks, Inc., deliver a full suite of Internet services with remote administration capabilities--packaged in a single rack unit (1RU) high industry standard enclosure. Pre-configured with the Apache web server, Sendmail, Linux operating system, and FrontPage server extensions, Cobalt RaQ server appliances provide web publishing, email, and file transfer services at a fraction of the cost of traditional Unix, Windows NT, or even "build-it-yourself" alternatives. Because of their simplicity and low cost, Cobalt RaQ provides ISPs with several alternatives for web hosting. Firstly, ISPs can deploy RaQ as a dedicated server for individual clients. This approach provides clients with a much higher quality of service, increases per-client revenue, and reduces time spent on server administration. since RaQ is so simple to configure, ISPs can provide "while-you-wait" web hosting services, with complete activation during a single phone call. Secondly, as a shared server solution, RaQ can support up to 200 sites. Thirdly, as RaQ is based on open-source standards that support a large number of third party solutions, end customers can customize the RaQ and co-locate at ISP sites.

Low-cost hosting - The Cobalt RaQ with name-based virtual hosting support represents a pricing breakthrough for Internet servers. The low cost of ownership results not only from an affordable purchase price, but also from simple setup, remote administration, and preinstalled software. Since its built on open-source standards, RaQ is an excellent choice for custom web based co-location solutions. High server density - The Cobalt RaQ is designed for use in the extremely space-conscious environment of the ISP Network Operations Center. Its single rack-unit enables up to 40 Cobalt RaQ to fit into a standard equipment rack, or up to 80 when mounted on both sides of a rack. Low power consumption translates to low heat generation, and a rear-mounted fan provides front-to-back flow-through cooling. Open, standards-based design - The Cobalt RaQ includes all software that ISPs and developers need to develop and host web sites, including the Apache web server, and Perl scripting language, and the LINUX operating system. For the programmer, standard development tools include compilers, editors, header files, and libraries. Browser-based administration and maintenance, plus SNMP - All administration and maintenance is browser-based for simple remote administration. The ISP (or designated end-user administrator) can add and delete registered users or email accounts, and monitor the system-all from the browser. Maintenance agents provide alerts if they detect potential problems, giving the administrator time to take action before problems become serious. SNMP support means ISPs can also manage the Cobalt RaQ with the same standards-based network management applications they use to manage other network devices. Outstanding performance - The Cobalt RaQ can easily handle the requirements of sophisticated sites. Each machine can handle over 250,000 emails, and over 10 million web page requests in one day.
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